2nd shooting tips

As I’ve gotten more experience shooting weddings as the main/lead photographer and also second shooting for other photographers, I’ve put together a list of great tips that have been very useful to me. Every photographer is different so I just recommend you communicate early to be on the same page!

  1. Ask your main photographer what they expect from you overall. Different angles, creative shots, groomsmen getting ready?
  2. Sync your camera times so the lead can organize photos by time. Also make sure your raw settings, white balance and other settings are to the liking of your lead.
  3. If you notice your lead always shoots in portrait mode, switch it up and take landscape photos for them to have variation.
  4. Be helpful. Help fix the dress, fix the veil, grab some water, notice the small details that the lead might not be focusing on.
  5. Get behind the scenes videos of your lead in action and of the event in general. These are great for your lead to use on Instagram and they’ll be very appreciative.
  6. Ask when you’re allowed to post the pictures you took at the wedding and if you are required to mention them on the post. All leads are a bit different so just ask and be respectful.
  7. As a second, you are assisting the lead photographer, don’t mention your own business at the wedding. You are contracted to help and aren’t there to promote yourself.
  8. Try to not get in the way. Get different angles, you shouldn’t be bumping into your photographer. Sometimes it happens, and it’s okay, but just be aware.
  9. Tip for the lead photographer: be gracious, mistakes will be made, just be kind and communicate nicely.

Let me know if I missed any other great tips!!

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